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VIVICON Personnel Consultancy Efficient and Personal

Do you have to reappoint a position? Are you lacking top executives for your team? Do you have a new challenge looming? A company’s personnel efficiency is one of the most important factors in maintaining and developing competitiveness and for sustainable success.

With three services from one source, namely personnel consultancy, interim management and personnel placement, we offer you both temporary and permanent personnel solutions. The VIVICON team takes charge of  the structured and targeted organisation of your personnel recruitment. We relieve you of the burden of finding personnel thanks to an well-established network, long-standing contacts with qualified professional and management staff from both your industry and our companies own research team. Our goal: to find the best-suited applicant for you. Outsource time and cost intensive basic roles and thus create freedom for operative and strategic human resources.

Would you like to reduce your personnel costs, which result for example due to illness, fluctuation and poor decisions in human resources? VIVICON offers extensive personnel consultancy, starting with professional recruitment, including staff loyalty and development options and also employee separation management (outplacement). In addition we also provide strategic consultation for your human resources and assist you with implementation.

Our Services

Personnel consultancy

Personnel decisions are investive decisions of great importance. They decisively determine the success of your company. The quality of the search process either makes or breaks success. The heart of our consultancy job is to create tailored solutions, to find the right person for you, the right person for your specific company environment and future expectations.

We organise the whole search and selection process for you, even if you are talking about sourcing future managers from your own ranks or a new generation. According to our understanding, this requires an intense exploration of your company’s features and culture before the recruiting project.

Executive search

Personnel search using job adverts can often be very costly for Heads of Personnel, budget planners and HR managers. Often qualified and suitable staff are not found at all or only after several attempts for many positions. Executive search offers a real alternative to the classic search. In this way we also reach those who are not actively searching for new challenges but see a new opportunity for further professional development in the job or requirements profile.

In the executive search process the search is targeted, reliable and discrete. The individual steps are:

1. Discussion and definition of the requirements profile All relevant data about the position to be filled and the industry are ascertained with the client in a detailed briefing. A list of target companies as well as a specification for the position to be filled is agreed and compiled.

2. Identification of potential candidates Combined with our network partners, the detailed work and research work starts in the next step, to filter out suitable candidates at national and international level.

3. Contact/Potential The main contact is made with candidates outside the workplace, either privately or by personal mobile phone.
Tact, style and discretion are a matter of course for a trusting working relationship.

4. Documentation We document each step of the whole search process for our customers. Based on this data we regularly compile meaningful reports about the progress and outcomes of our work. With this data you receive a detailed summary of the current market situation.

5. Presentation You receive a confidential report about the candidates tested by us and assessed as being suitable, with their personal history and our assessments.
On request we are also happy to arrange appointments for meetings at your company. We are also happy to attend meetings.

6. Appointment of a candidate You select the best candidate from the candidates presented by us - Congratulations!

7. Follow-up support Our job does not finish with the position being filled, we also support the candidate mediated by us beyond the start of their new job. If there should be any problems during the probationary period, we are still available to our customers as a contact partner.

Interim management and/or interim expertise

Do you have to fill a management or specialist position quickly and efficiently, which you cannot or do not want to fill from internal resources in the time necessary?

VIVICON offers an interim manager network, built up over many years and constantly updated. Established processes and modern information technology put us in a position to be able to present you with top candidates with many years of professional experience and recognised qualifications at short notice.

Our interim managers are committed exclusively to the relevant job. They are not interested in climbing the career ladder in your company, are not affiliated to any internal groups and do not think “politically”. After successfully finishing the project our interim managers leave your company again and in fact just as happily as when they joined.

We support you and your project for the duration of the tasks involved and if necessary extend the process by including temporary specialists.


Changes provide opportunities. A departure from the familiar is often also accompanied by a phase of uncertainty. What is going to happen, can I cope with the new job and especially also as the employer: what changes can I expect of my staff, without damaging the people or company? Our work begins at this point.

We advise your company on professional change management. Our many years of experience in change processes helps us to create tolerable and understandable change processes for staff and therefore to preserve motivation and increase effectiveness.


You are an expert in your field and have been well positioned and successful in your company for years. You are now at a point where you are rethinking your goals and want to redefine them. In everyday work there is often a lack of time to devote to your own development

We support you in analysing your strengths, defining your goals and supporting you in your visions. In targeted individual coaching with a high proportion of self-responsibility we purposefully work out your next steps so that you will be successful in your own or in another company.

Conflict Management / Mediation

Conflicts are unavoidable in companies. When lots of people are working together who all want to be successful, it can easily come to misunderstandings and irritations.

Our conflict management is supposed to make staff and management secure in their daily business and strategic planning so that even difficult conversations can be resolved with ease.

Involving a mediator guarantees you will find a quick, cost-effective and acceptable solution from which all sides will profit. Expensive court proceedings, staff demotivation, damage to image or other inefficiencies through to production losses can be avoided.

HR process consultancy

We provide help and support for your human resources with our strategic HR process consultancy. We compile concepts, standards and guidelines, show you processes and approaches and with you practically implement modern and forward-looking Human Resources (HR) Management.

The goal is the establishment of an HR department as a company management value adding tool. We support you in an advisory capacity with the conception of individual HR themes to achieve company goals and support you with implementation.

Employee Separation Management

Fair employee separation, is this possible?

Vivicon personnel consultancy offers an agreeable solution with its outplacement service. Points such as social responsibility, perspective, contractual agreements etc. are applied and developed into individual solutions.

Not just the leaving member of staff profits from this kind of employee separation management, there are also various benefits for the company, for example the avoidance of legal disputes, preservation of a good company ethos, increase in a company’s appeal.

Restructuring / Optimization of Personnel Costs

Vivicon personnel consultancy supports you with the conception and implementation of restructuring and personnel reduction measures.

We take over the management and responsible implementation of the whole restructuring project or support your internal project managers, e.g. by taking over sub-tasks, entirely according to your needs. In the process we work closely and trustfully together with all those involved, in particular the Human Resources department, supervisory board and management.

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